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Startup Pirates is an entrepreneurial trial for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating a worldwide community of ultimate changemakers willing to share, learn and grow together.

Why join the navy... if you can be a Pirate?

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    February 8th to 15th,  2014

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    Presentations and work in English.

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4th Edition – Event Report

Startup Pirates @ Lisboa 4th Edition has ended almost a month ago and we are now ready to present you the Event Report.

We asked all the participants to give us feedback about all the sessions, speakers and activities and this report summarizes the results of the survey we did.

Here is the report:


More awesome Pirates join the Startup Pirates @ Lisboa family!

What an awesome week!

8 amazing days: 14 awesome speakers, 7 mind-blowing workshops, 6 fantastic entrepreneur talks, 1 unexpected inspirational talk, 10 experiencied mentors, +50 mentoring sessions, 2 great energizers, 2 skillshare sessions, almost 40 sponsors and partners, 5 awesome pirate teams, 15 pirates from 3 different countries and +2.000 post-its.

This awesome week ended on the 15th February with the Final Pitch at UACS. The 5 awesome teams were: 3D WOW!, Acores Hostel, Casa Savoy, Enjoy Exercise Everyday and More Vinho, and 2 teams ended winning amazing prizes, namely:

Acores Hostel: 3 months incubation at Startup Lisboa + 10h Consultancy by SRS Advogados.

Enjoy Exercise Everyday: 6 months of Sage One and 50% discount after that + Startup Kit from PT Blue Start + 360imprimir 100€ Voucher.

All our teams also got 50% discount at Sage One and all our pirates got 15% discount atFLAG courses.

In the end, truly motivated pirates were born. Awesome people that are not afraid to discover their potential and start being PIRATES.

Pirates Testimony: Amalia and João

1st Edition: João Remondes

João Remondes

It’s so hard for me to put into words how Startup Pirates @ Lisboa changed the way I see the world. I expected a basic entrepreneurship training session but I got so much more. I could talk about the friends I made and the mentors I got, but that would be to diminish the full scope of this grand event. What I really got was an life altering experience that made me open my eyes and see the potential of human connections and the power of being an entrepreneur. I finally understood that to be an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily mean that one must have a business but that it truly means being responsible for your own life.

2nd Edition: Amalia Ghiban

Amalia GhibanMy first encounter with Start Up Pirates, happened in February 2012. I was invited by one of the speakers to assists his workshop, and so I did. I was amazed by the spirit of all the participants, and one of them became one of the most valuable person in my life.

For the second encounter I decided to be a participant. In September 2012, for 9 full days, I shared my ideas, I connected with people, I gave and received feedback, I learned, I was challenged, I danced and had fun, I worked hard and most important I became part of a great crazy family! A lot of the things which I learned and some of the people I met, became part of my path and ultimately, part of who I am.

And this was not enough, I wanted more. They say ask and you will receive, and that´s what I did. For the 3rd edition I was part of the organizing crew! I was behind the scenes: planing, going to weekly meetings, promoting, taking charge of the recruiting and selection of the new generation of pirates, preparing coffee breaks and delivering workshops. I did it all, with a smile on my face and with the willingness to host an unforgettable experience for the becoming pirates.

For me, Start Up Pirates is not a singular event, is part of my growth journey, is not about entrepreneurship is about taking responsibility of my own life, is not about networking is about connection with people.

See you soon, at the 4th Edition of a crazy pirate family!!!

Startup Pirates @ Lisboa is back!

After three amazing editions we are gearing up for another adventure. We are working hard to make this edition even better, more fulfilling and memorable than the previous ones.

It will happen from 8th to 15th February 2014, save the date!

If you believe you have the guts and the spirit to live by the Pirate Code, then check what it takes to become a Pirate and prepare your application!

Will you join us in this adventure of sailing the seven seas of entrepreneurship?

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